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Gaetano Donizetti - L'Elisir d'amore (2015) BDRip

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Gaetano Donizetti - L'Elisir d'amore (2015) BDRip 1080

Gaetano Donizetti - L'Elisir d'amore (2015) BDRip
Genre: Classical, Opera | Label: Warner Classics | Year: 2015 | Quality: BDRip 1080p/mkv | Video: MPEG4 H264 1920x1080 29.97fps 13.2 Mbps | Audio: Italian DTS-HD MA 5.1 48 kHz 3493 kbps ; AC3 48kHz 6ch 448kbps | Time: 02:11:06 | Size: 11,6gb | Subtitles: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848)
L'Elisir d'amore (Opera in due atti - Libretto Felice Romani)
1 Beginning
2 Preludio (orchestre)
3 Act I Scene I: Bel conforto al mietitore (Giannetta, Coro)
4 Act I Scene I: Cavatina: Quanto è bella... (Nemorino, Giannetta, Coro)
5 Act I Scene I: Cavatina: Benedette queste carte (Adina, Coro, Gianetta, Nemorino)
6 Act I Scene I: Marcia: Come Paride vezzoso (Belcore, Adina, Giannetta, Coro, Nemorino)
7 Act I Scene I: Or se m'ami, come io t'amo (Belcore, Adina, Giannetta, Coro, Nemorino)
8 Act I Scene I: Duett: Chiedi all'aura lusinghiera (Adina, Nemorino)
9 Act I Scene I: Che vuol dire codesta... (Donne, Uomini)
10 Act I Scene I: 'Udite, udite, o rustici (Dulcamara, Coro)
11 Act I Scene I: Duetto: Voglio dire, lo stupendo (Nemorino, Dulcamara)
12 Act I Scene I: Caro elisier! sei mio! (Nemorino, Dulcamara, Adina)
13 Act I Scene I: Scena: La la la la la... (Nemorino, Adina)
14 Act I Scene I: Duetto: Esulti pur la barbara (Nemorino, Adina)
15 Act I Scene I: Terzett: Tran tran...In guerra ed in amor (Belcore, Adina, Nemorino)
16 Act I Scene I: Quartett: Signor sargente (Giannetta, Belcore, Soldate, Coro, Nemorino, Adina)
17 Act I Scene I: Adina credimi (Nemorino, Belcore, Adina, Giannetta, Coro)
18 Act II: Cantiamo, cantiam, cantiam, cantiam! (Belcore, Dulcamara, Giannetta, Coro, Adina)
19 Act II: Barcaruola a due voci (Belcore, Dulcamara, Giannetta, Coro, Adina)
20 Act II: Le feste nuziali... (Dulcamara, Nemorino)
21 Act II: Scena e Duetta: La donna è un animale (Belcore, Nemorino)
22 Act II: Ai perigli della guerra (Belcore, Nemorino)
23 Act II: Saria possible? (Coro, Giannetta, Ragazza)
24 Act II: Dell'elisir mirabile (Adina, Dulcamara)
25 Act II: Duetto: Quanto amore! Ed io spietata! (Adina, Dulcamara)
26 Act II: Romanze: Una furtiva lagrima (Nemorino)
27 Act II: Encore: Una furtiva lagrima (Nemorino, Adina)
28 Act II: Aria: Prendi prendi, per me sei libero (Nemorino, Adina, Belcore, Dulcamara)
29 Act II: Finale: Ei corregge ogni difetto (Dulcamara, Coro, Adina, Nemorino, Belcore)
30 Act II: Curtain calls

Artist: Rolando Villazón - Nemorino, Anna Netrebko - Adina, Leo Nucci - Belcore, Ildebrando d'Arcangelo - Dulcamara, Inna Los - Giannetta, Orchester & Chor der Wiener Staatsoper

• Live from the Vienna State Opera production - April 2005

• Rolando Villazón as Nemorino exhibits a real gift for comic acting, manipulating his rubber face into dozens of hilarious poses, flawlessly turning stock comic gestures into laugh-out-loud moments, and even juggling apples with the panache of a circus performer. More important, he uses his lyric tenor to sing the part with impressive subtlety, suggesting Nemorino's desperation while singing of his love for Adina. His big show-stopper, "Una furtiva lagrima," features melting pianissimos and a breathtaking decrescendo in its final phrase. Netrebko's Adina is every bit as good, with deft acting and a lovely lyric soprano voice that makes you understand why she's the only girl for Nemorino.


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