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Accept - Blind Rage: Live In Chile (2014)

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Accept - Blind Rage: Live In Chile (2014)
Accept - Blind Rage: Live In Chile (2014)
Label (Catalog#): Nuclear Blast
Country: Germany
Genre: Heavy Metal
Quality: LPCM 2.0 48 kHz 1536 kbps 16 bit
Time: 02:00:13
Full Size: 1,29Gb

• The sound couldn't be better: Homogenous and authentic, dynamic yet versatile. And you can hear the musical wrath that gets ACCEPT going and also led to the album title. "The feeling that the world is in a constant riot was crucial. No matter, where you look, it is blind rage that let people decide to do the most absurd things.

01. Intro
02. Hung, Drawn & Quartered
03. Hellfire
04. Restless & Wild
05. Losers & Winners
06. Stalingrad
07. Breaker
08. Bucket Full Of Hate
09. Monsterman
10. Shadow Soldier
11. Amamos La Vida
12. Guitar Solo Wolf
13. Neon Nights
14. Bulletproof
15. Aiming High
16. Princess Of The Dawn
17. Up To The Limit
18. No Shelter
19. Pandemic
20. Fast As A Shark
21. Metal Heart
22. Teutonic Terror
23. Balls To The Wall

Wolf Hoffmann - lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Peter Baltes - bass, backing vocals
Herman Frank - rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals
Stefan Schwarzmann - drums
Mark Tornillo - lead vocals

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